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The Sky is Falling

Spoon AnneComment
April Sky

    This was the sky yesterday afternoon here in Oklahoma. This is "tornado alley" after all, and it is Spring, so we expect bad weather. This one however took us by surprise. Within seconds the wind went from 10 mph to 50 mph and hailstones the size of quarters started pelting the earth, and the car and the ....chickens?!!! Oh yes, one minute life is good, free ranging on Spring delights, the next, the sky is falling. 

The storm only lasted a few minutes, but where were my girls? Did they blow away? They did not. They took refuge in the dense foliage of our Magnolia tree. Thank goodness! They were able to shake it off pretty quickly and get back to the business at hand (or foot) foraging for all the goodies that fell from the sky.