The Art of Life Is Being Surrounded By Joy

     The things that bring most of us real joy are special moments, everyday pleasures and taking time to reflect and be grateful for our blessings.  Moments of Joy pass through our life so fast, we sometimes don't realize how special they are until they are gone. I paint the things that I love, namely, pets and flowers. Pets because they are a symbol of unconditional love and companionship and flowers because they remind us of special moments in our lives. 

Happy Tails


Happy Tails

Unconditional love, companionship, and an endless source of inspiration, pets hold a special place in our hearts. I would love to create a custom oil painting to capture your pets's unique personality. End of life paintings take top priority during scheduling.

Be Joyful Florals

The Be Joyful Collection

These are custom wedding bouquet paintings created to celebrate your most joyful moments. Wedding bouquets, your loved ones favorite flower or a bunch of wildflowers picked by a child. These serve as a unique and lasting reminder of love.