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Terms & Conditions

  1. Upon signing an agreement a non-refundable deposit of $175.00 is due as good faith between parties. This will also serve as a reservation if this is purchased for a gift. The size of the work will bedetermined by the recipient of gift or agreed upon after initial consultation. 

  2. When the work is 75% complete, in the estimation of the Artist, it will be shown to the Purchaser. At this time two small changes are permitted. When the commissioned work is complete, a digital image will be sent for final approval. Once approved the remaining monies due will be paid in full within 10 days, before or upon delivery of Art.

  3.  The Artist agrees to complete the Work within 8 weeks of receiving the signed Agreement and any and all reference materials, and deposit. If the commission is based on a future event, then the Work will be completed when Artist receives all reference materials.

  4.  The completion date shall be extended for such a period of time as the Artist may be disabled by illness preventing progress of work, or events beyond the control of the Artist.

  5. The Artist shall have the right to terminate this agreement in the event the purchaser is 10 days late in payment.

6. The Purchaser has the right to terminate the agreement if the Artist fails without cause to complete work within 90 days of completion date in paragraph 4 and agrees to return all payments received to date, but shall not be liable for any additional expenses or damages.

7. Ownership. Work shall remain property of the Artist until the Artist is paid in full. In the event of termination of this Agreement, the Artist shall retain all rights to complete, exhibit and sell the work.

      8. Copyright. The artist reserves all rights of representation and all copyrights in the work, the preliminary design and any incidental works made in the creation of the work. Copyright notice in the name of the Artist shall appear on the Work.

      9. Privacy. The Purchaser gives the Artist permission to use Purchasers name, picture and photo in all forms of media and in all manners.

   10. Possession. The Purchaser agrees that the Artist has the right to  possession of Work for a period of time not to exceed 60 days for the purpose of exhibition to the public at no expense to the Artist.

11. Governing law. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Oklahoma. All applicable sales tax applies.


Privacy Policy

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